Where it begins

My story begins in November of 2013 when I first discovered the store Liberté and met the owner, Danielle Keogh, who I now consider a very good friend. It was that day that she also discovered me.

I was attending a children’s concert of all things, part of a Halloween festival in Classen Curve shopping area. My two little boys are big Spaghetti Eddie fans and I try to take them to as many of the concerts as I can. When they sung their final tune, we headed down the strip for the trick-or-treating portion. 

Entering Liberté, I immediately felt on edge and my nerves started to twist and creep. The store was too beautiful for my two wreckingball children!  I wanted to appreciate the luxury of the store, but I also knew I couldn’t afford anything my children were about to break.  I was caught completely by surprised when Danielle asked me, “Have you ever considered modeling? You’re very pretty!”

She asked for my contact information and after giving her not just that, but also a very fumbled and stunned string of thank yous for all the compliments, I eventually was able to round up my boys and get out of there- after I finally closed my mouth. I talk too much when I’m nervous and I’m terrible at accepting compliments without first making excuses.

My husband, Mike, was in Galveston for a race that weekend but I was so excited about what had just happened that I called him and told him the whole story, word-for-word. He was excited and said I must look really pretty right now to have gotten her attention like that. I hadn’t washed my hair, I barely put on mascara before leaving the house, and I thought a black t-shirt with dark jeans and black ankle boots would help me fit in with the other moms at this event. 

He asked me to send him a selfie- he’d never asked me to do that before :)

Danielle had me come in for a fitting and a couple of test shots and it was that day when she asked me to “work” her event that next Wednesday. I was hired. As a model. 32 years old and two small children and now I’m a model. Life sure is filled with exceptions!