SLICE Magazine - Fall Fashion Spread 2014

Photography by Simon Hurst, Stylist: Tim Fields, Make up: Sharon Tabb

Photoshoot for SLICE Magazine, September 2014 issue. (Shot July 28, 2014)

I don’t know how he did it- what strings had to be pulled, who was bribed, but my agent, Doug Tabb, landed me this modeling job and got me into SLICE Magazine :)

It was great to meet and work with both Simon and Tim.  Working with Ty and Yvonne was equally incredible. 

These two are my favorite pictures. The article can be seen here:

I was able to convince Simon Hurst, the photographer from the Slice magazine shoot, to hand over some of the images that he’d been holding ransom. :)

This shoot was a lot of things. Fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was a little anxious- mostly because I just knew it was going to be pretty high profile and I wanted it to be AMAZING. I didn’t want to be the one to screw it up and bring the quality down. 
So, luckily, Sharon Tabb was on makeup duty and she KNOWS how big of a diva I am in makeup. She knows I prefer a lot of eye makeup even when the creative directors think they want a natural look.  I just know that it doesn’t come across as good in the images, it’s just the way my features are. I think I can get away with less makeup if the shot is very close up, but anything more than two feet away, I’m going to need some smokey eye and some falsie eyelashes. I also prefer dark chocolate m&ms- only the brown kind because there’s less artificial coloring. (joke!)

Tim Fields was the stylist for the shoot and also the hair man. So he was at an even higher level of stress than I was. Keeping everything running smoothly and organizing each outfit and what went where. I tried to be helpful- putting things back for him, carrying shoes, asking what I could do to help.  I like Tim, I’d met him before through Danielle at the store and I’ve seen him since as well. It’s interesting to hear him talk about my modeling career and how he’s watched me evolve. I think he saw something there in the beginning and has been rooting for me since :)

So, lets talk about the shots. They swapped out the male model I think the day before or something because originally they had me shooting with a guy who … I think I could blow over in a breath. I was worried that he’d make me look, um, large and bulky next to his rail frame. So, when Ty showed up I was relieved, and also even more on edge. I tried to be cool, but this guy is very very handsome. The very first scene we shot was Ty and me together under the tree. I was almost certain I was going to burst into flames with his self so close to me. So, I did what I do- got into character and was the girl in tho photo who hangs out under a tree with a handsome horse loving dude. What mattered was the shot- don’t look stiff or uncomfortable, don’t look like I met this guy 5 minutes ago. Look natural. They wanted moody for fall fashion, so I took deep breaths and got serious. But I promise you, even still when I look at these pictures, I feel like jumping out of my skin a little. People ask me, “What does Mike think of these pictures?!?” I think some people want some juicy gossipy story- they want drama. They want me to say he’s so jealous, he freaked out, he hates them. The truth is, he doesn’t. He’s very supportive and encouraging because he knows I love this as a hobby. He said they’re great pictures. He’s proud of how they turned out and he’s proud that I was able to do well, even tho I was uncomfortable. Also, he’s just not a jealous person. Especially considering how happy our marriage is!

Yvonne was the other model who shot with me that day. She of course, is all exotic looking and beautiful. All her photos were incredible, plus she was fun to hang out with. We shot at Remington Park in Oklahoma City- a casino/horse track. The stables were fun to shoot in, and each time we had to change, we went back up to the casino suite to do so and then all the way back down to the stables for photos. 

Funny story about the pitch fork- I’m having fun with it- leaning and laughing and using the prop and someone says “you might want to turn that around, it’s a real pitch fork they use to shovel shit, you might not want that by your face” So, that was nice! haha! 


After that set of photos, Simon was talking about how great they were and brought the camera up to me to show me some. He was flipping through them saying, “Look how great these are!!” and he got to some of just Ty and I said, “he’s so handsome! he makes my heart pound!” Simon (who is very straight) said, “Oh yeah! Mine too!!”

It’s all part of the experience. Part of the fun, being a character in a magazine for people to flip through and speculate about. I’m beyond appreciative of the opportunity to have been on that job. 

{Photography } Simon Hurst {Makeup} Sharon Tabb {Stylist} Tim Fields