Hired- now smile!

Photography by Vanessa @thesameaxis HMU Malorie and Molly @ blo. Clothing Liberté

These photos are from the first modeling job at Liberté.  I was relatively stiff in front of the camera, a little nervous, plagued with self doubt but pretending not to be, and still wondering what Danielle saw in me.

What I knew is that I always wanted to be a model. I also knew she’d given me a chance, even tho I didn’t know why.  What I didn’t want to do was blow it! A little frazzled, I mentioned to Mike earlier “I really need to relax! I’m so nervous! I should probably have a drink so I can calm down and be a little more friendly." 

His response was, "No, you definitely shouldn’t do that! You get that lazy eye thing when you drink.”

“WHAT!?” I get a lazy eye when I drink? Great. I’m never drinking again. 

The event was fabulous, I got to meet Karolina Zmarlak - a talented designer, whom I’ve gotten to see several times since. 

I felt like a movie star all night with Vanessa following me around all night with her camera. Patiently, so patiently, directing and guiding me!