Casting Call for Express Professionals

These are my test shots from a casting call I went to May 2014 with Skyline Media. Doug, my agent, told me about the job about a week earlier, saying the client was a staffing agency.  So, when he calls to tell me when the casting call is- I’m a little stuck. Part of my dilemma of being a model and also a mom is that I always have to work around my “mom schedule” and sometimes there are conflicts. I also have to weigh the value of my time to the value of the job. The casting call was an important part of getting the actual job because they want to see what you’re like in front of the camera. But, I only needed to be there a grand total of 5 minutes. So, I talked with Doug back and forth, and he offered to meet me at a park near Skyline’s office so he could hang out with the boys while I went in.  This helped me not have to find or pay a babysitter - and also established a friendship between Doug and me. Doug is a hard person for most people to get, but he’s very passionate about what he does and he cares about the models (sometimes too much!) but he really will put his job first sometimes. I appreciated his willingness to help me- and since then he still asks about the boys and I text him pictures every once in a while.  The next time I took the boys to that park Reed asked, “Is Doug meeting us here??”

So, the casting call was super simple. I got in front of the camera and Chase (the producer/director) told me to just act natural, because they wanted the people for the new website to look like normal people. Wow, I hate being normal! *grin* So while he was shooting, he was talking to me. Causing all of my photos to turn out ridiculous. (as seen by the sampling above) 
He also requested, “Okay, now make a silly face” there’s an entire collection of those that I wish not to share! But, I have been practicing a silly face, so I have a “go-to” next time I’m asked ;)

Skyline still hired me, despite the hilariously awful set of test shots. The website went live in January. Those pictures are pretty great- I’ll post more about that day later!