Not a Surprise Party, Just a Party Surprise

LIBERTE doesn't do a lot of print advertisements with magazines, but there have been a few. I've appeared in ads in SPLURGE in the spring and now a new publication in the area.  LUXIERE Magazine, is a new magazine that is distributed in the region to, basically, high income homes. Danielle wrote a nice article for the first issue, featuring local steakhouse Broadway 10, and she's helped style multiple shoots including the cover photo of Valerie Naifeh and the Maserati Women of Influence Campaign images. 

So, we used one of our fabulous images from the summer ad campaign photo shoot of me lying in a pool with freezing cold water 3 inches deep. Just enough to make me really uncomfortable. The shot- once I was in place and styled correctly, was captured by Shevaun Williams on a ladder above me and with me looking directly into the sun. We had to do the old "close your eyes and open them when I say 3. One, two ... THREE". I love the shot... It's incredible and stunning and sexy and powerful. It was instantly one of the favorites from that day.

So, being shot in a pool, in a black dress and upside down- such a strong image, it made a great ad for this new magazine. And when LUXIERE invited me to their launch party, I excitedly accepted and told Mike to put this one on his calendar because I definitely wanted him by my side that  night. Some parties are too "girls night" ish, but this one was going to have more guys there and I like to show him off sometimes too! People need to know there's a man behind all this- loving and supporting me every step of the way. 

LUXIERE Party.jpg

When we got to the party, I was looking around for "my people" so I could introduce Mike to the people of the industry that he's heard so very much about when suddenly I spotted it- a poster of my ad on an easel! I was so very excited to see it in print that large! I just love those little indicators that show I'm legit, I'm doing something, I'm not just a girl posting selfies and shooting photos with random GWCs (guys with cameras) and calling myself a model. This is what I love- seeing final products. Seeing proof. 

At the end of the night, they gave me a silver sharpie and asked me to sign the board, which I did - with joy. 

Connie D FranklinComment