Custom Original Art for Sale or Painting Parties & Workshops


Purchase a one of a kind piece of art, or have a custom painting commissioned just for your space. Contact me for more information. We will work together to collaborate inspiration and the end result will be the perfect creation! 

Here are some current works of original art that are available for sale right now. Please contact me directly if you’re interested in purchasing a piece!


Private Painting Parties & Workshops


One of the most special experiences I've had is bringing art to others. To be able to give someone the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of artwork and watch them fill with stunned pride as they look at the gorgeous painting they just created and hear them say the words, "I just did that!" is one of the most satisfying feelings I've ever had


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What is the painting party?

Experience the magic of art - each piece so beautifully unique and representative of the amazing woman who created it. This painting party is perfect for your "Girls Night Out" giving you a special evening of shared moments you and your friends will treasure forever. If you'd like to have your own painting party please submit using the form on this page.

The workshop is a 2 hour class where each person selects their colors and I'll lead you in creating a beautiful abstract masterpiece. My Private Events are $50 per person with a 4-8 person minimum charge, less may attend but the charge per event is a minimum of 4 people. The event can be held in your home or mine, whichever you prefer. It includes a 18x18 premium gallery wrapped canvas (starting size, canvases can be upgraded, just ask!), all supplies including brushes, paints, aprons, and the class is led by yours truly! The technique used is quite messy so gloves and plastic are also used. Be prepared to be amazed by what you can do in this wonderful class that is both relaxing and therapeutic, but also energizing and passionate!

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